Belt heat flux sensor

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The BS01 is a large-area flexible heat flux and temperature sensor for in-situ evaluation of the insulation value of pipes. With years of experience put into the design, it is the standard for pipe insulation testing for subsea oil pipes.


The BS01 contains three heat flux sensing areas and four integrated temperature sensors. Originally designed for "simulated service conditions testing" for subsea oil pipelines, it can withstand high hydrostatic pressures up to 110 bar and is (contrary to other sensors) completely water-tight. The main development effort has gone into the prevention of penetration of moisture into the sensor at high pressures. With sensors not specifically prepared for the high pressure, penetrated moisture will on the long term lead to instability of the sensor calibration. The sensor is provided with a mounting set for easy fixation, consisting of a cover and two springs. BS01 was originally designed by TNO TPD. Scientific publication about this sensor: D. Haldane (Heriot Watt University), F. van der Graaf, A.M. Lankhorst (TNO TPD): A direct Measurement System to obtain the Thermal Conductivity of Pipeline Insulation Coating Systems under Simulated Service Conditions.


Click on drawing in Gallery for overview of BS01 on a pipeline during service testing: (3) Cabling, (4) Pipeline to be tested, (5) BS01 mounted on pipeline (cover and springs for fixation are not shown)

Suggested use

  • General pipeline insulation testing
  • Simulated service testing for subsea pipelines


  • Alternative designs: Hukseflux is specialised in heat flux sensor design, and can offer sensors with modified dimensions and specifications

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